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No garden is complete without bulbs! When planted in fall bulbs can add a splash of early color to the spring landscape. Oconomowoc Garden Center offers fall bulbs and spring bulbs.
The flower is a metallic purple and beautiful and if you plant the bulb out in the full sun about four to six inches deep, this star will flower for years in your garden. Plant them four to six inches apart – and yes, you’ll want more than one so just give in and order at least three to grow in a clump.They'll be about twenty four inches tall so do plant them where they will be easily seen. Another truly spectacular show-stopper ornamental onion is Allium giganteum. This is truly a huge flowering bulb reaching forty eight inches tall on the stalk and producing a massive six inch blossom. This one is quite hardy, is never bothered by pests (unless these pests are human or slugs) and easily grown.
Ask anyone, anywhere, to draw a daffodil and this is the variety most people will sketch. Dutch Master is a tried and true classic and an improvement on the excellent "King Alfred". This daffodil produces flowers with great texture that hold up well through spring winds and rains. If you're wondering where to start with daffidils, this variety never disappoints. Partners nicely with Blue Poppy amenomes.
Tulips were first introduced into Europe in the 16th century, but have quickly become the most popular flower bulb to be exported out of The Netherlands. There are many varieties of tulips, so be sure to look for tulips that bloom in early, mid and late spring to ensure a colorful garden throughout the spring. Tulips also grow to various heights, use low growing tulips in rock gardens and borders and use longer stem tulips for parks, beds, borders and make excellent cut flowers. Tulips are hardy bulbs and can survive the most severe winters. Plant Tulips in well-drained soil to ensure proper root formation. Tulips will bloom in both full sun and partial shade. Exposure to full sun will bring out the rich colors that Tulips offer but some shade will enable a longer blooming period and still offer a colorful addition to your yard.

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